My Week in Review

 Sunday, April 7th
The handles of my Bible cover finally gave way, sadly. It's so me and I'm sad I need to shop for a new one.

Monday, April 8th
Sometimes, when I don't think about what daily photo to take, I just take another of my beloved Winifred.

Tuesday, April 9th
I love spotting the geese and ducks around Westridge. 

Wednesday, April 10th
Winnie's ear cracked me up. 

Thursday, April 11th
Winnie is so cute when she shakes!

Friday, April 12th
The neighbors have always have had a cute archway to their backyard. It's always been a bit beat up but, sadly, we are now watching it literally fall apart. 

Saturday, April 13th
I crafted! Winifred watched while I smashed every one of my washi tapes.


  1. It was a Winnie week! The crumbling archway makes me sad. I hope you find just the right Bible holder soon!



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