My Week in Review

 Sunday, March 31
Saw some awesome clouds on the way back from out of town.
They also provided us with a huge rainfall and lightning we had to drive through.

Carl's Jr
Monday, April 1
Carl's Jr has awesome chocolate malts.

Mt Toro
Tuesday, April 2
 Val and I went on another walk.

Wednesday, April 3
Clover Grace!

Thursday, April 4
Spotted: a lamb across the street!

Friday, April 5
I had my first caffeinated beverage since November whilst trying to cure a headache I've endured all week. It was a temporary fix with the side-effect of keeping me from falling asleep at my desk. (I did not get enough sleep at all this week!

Saturday, April 6
So...Cathe Holden said thank you to me. *fangirls*


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