Fragments by Dan Wells

Spoiler Alert: Fragments by Dan Wells is the second in the Partials series. It is assumed you have read Partials if you are reading this review. To read my Partials review, go here.

At the end of Partials, Kira decides to leave the confines of Long Island, where her and the last of humanity has been struggling to survive since they lost the Partial War. The human race was set to die out as every baby born since the RM virus swept over the planet killed nearly every human alive. That is, until Kira discovers that the Partials themselves hold the cure, which (thus far) cannot be replicated in a lab and that she herself may not be human.

Kira decides to find out who she is, what her connection to ParaGen is, and if she can find the cure in ParaGen's records that will allow babies to survive without the help of the Partials...who are dying off themselves. Each Partial was built with an expiration date for twenty years after they were created. If the RM vaccine for humans is found within the Partials, but the Partials race dies does the human race.

Fragments is just as exciting as Partials, and more answers almost always lead to more questions. The biggest difference between the two novels in my opinion was the amount of activity occurring in them. There was so much packed into Partials that the story was always rolling, always something new that kept the mysteries rolling on. Fragments slows down a bit to follow Kira's quest for answers, as well as what Marcus is doing at home. There is still a lot going on, but it's covered in more detail and you have time to soak it in.

I love the new information that comes to light in this book that not only answers questions from the first book, but makes you look forward to finding the answers to new questions in the third. One question I came up with was, "If Partials are man made, do they have souls?" I realize it may not be addressed in the series, but it's a natural question from a religious perspective, and the books themselves have references to "old-world religions."

I emailed Dan Wells to tell him how amazing Partials was after I finished the book--and I was thrilled to receive a response! At the time, I thought Partials was a single book, but Mr. Wells told me the second was out soon and that he was working on the third. And now that I've read the second...I can't imagine how long I have to wait until the third in the series is actually published!! I do know, however, that it will be worth the wait!

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