My Week In Review

 Sunday, March 3rd
Often, this is my motivation to change my sheets. I love her, but I don't want to share my pillows with her!

Winnie & Dixie go shopping
Monday, March 4th
Winnie went shopping.

Tuesday, March 5th
Spotted: Cute dogs on the road!

Wednesday, March 6th
Suddenly, my fur monster has turned into a naked mole rat!

Thursday, March 7th
The only time Winnie snuggles under blankets is after she's been shaved.

A new Treeson!
Friday, March 8th
My sister surprised me with a wonderful new Treeson set for my collection!

Harriet the Spy
Saturday, March 9th
I finished Book #11 of the year and, surprisingly, enjoyed it more than I expected. There are a few books I either missed reading or can't remember reading at all when I was young (my sister & I skipped to reading adult books at a pretty early age) so as I come across them for cheap in thrift stores, I've been picking them up to read (although I believe this was passed on to me from my sister after she read it earlier this year).


  1. Poor Winnie! But yay for lots less fur around the house!



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