My Week In Review

Sunday, March 10
Reading  and crafting

Monday, March 11
My mom & I went to see Oz: The Great and Powerful
Tuesday, March 12
A reminder of a book to buy. (This is not my first cell phone photo I've used in my weekly reviews...without them, I don't think I'd be able to take a photo a day! I just wish the quality was better.)
Wednesday, March 13
It was a very foggy morning. (I apologize for the darkness...I accidentally had my camera set on "pinhole," but trust me, you really could not see very far!
Thursday, March 14
I made an elephant
Friday, March 15
Winnie was not too keen on having her photo taken. 

Saturday, March 16
Remember all those bracelets I have been obsessed with making? My sister decided she wanted to pass out a St. Patty's Day gift, so I added little clover charms to 24 of them and packaged them up to be given new homes.


  1. You had a productive week! So glad we got to see the Oz movie.



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