My Week In Review

Sunday, Feb 24
I spent the entire weekend in bed, overly fatigued even though I slept for hours and a feeling in my throat like someone kept dragging sandpaper across the inside. I was miserable and sick. I was hoping to get over whatever I'd been trying to avoid luck.

Monday, Feb 25
I stayed home sick on Monday. I was so sure I'd feel better for work on Tuesday..
Here, my dog silently watched a cat sit out front.

Tuesday, Feb 26
Spotted: a Whovian! Photo taken for my sister in the parking lot on the way to see the doctor (after I struggled through a whole day of work), where I was prescribed antibiotics to help me kick the flu. Which would not actually be effective until they made their way into my system for a couple of days...which meant Friday. Ugh. 

Wednesday, Feb 27
A simple, yet important, discovery. My sister had bought me Yes! to cucumbers face wipes because I had been wanting to try them and Target had them on clearance. I generally use Costco's brand of face wipes to remove my make up and keep those in the bathroom, so I'd had these by my bedside and just hadn't stored them in the bathroom yet. I ended up going home from work sick and went straight to bed. I spotted these to remove my make up...and oh my gosh. When your face hurts from being sick, when your nose is sore from using so much Kleenex you could stuff a mattress, you're fighting a fever and you are just plain miserable, these are so refreshing. It's like a little speck of happiness in the big blob of misery of being sick.

My dad might have a new dog....
Thursday, Feb 28
A visitor came to our house! My dad may have a new little one to dote on.

Friday, Mar 1
The antibiotics really started to kick in today (I'm on them for 10 days total)! They were a huge turning point in feeling better. My mom & I went to Michael's Craft Store (this dog was spotted peeking out the back of a car in the parking lot) and was my first non-work, non-doctor outing in over a week--over a week and a half for my mom. This flu hit our household HARD. Also, the craft trip was exhausting, but it was nice to do something "normal." I ended the day with a Sudafed (the Sudafed worked wonders over the Dayquil and Nyquil was giving me nightmares). I ended up staying awake until 2 am because of the meds, but it was Friday night and I just wanted to breathe! I knew I'd be napping a lot this weekend, anyway, since I'm not yet back to being healthy.

Saturday, March 2
This has been my entire life for over a week. Being sick is exhausting. Today was the first day I didn't feel utterly miserable and exhausted, but I still have taken lots of little naps and finally feel as if I'm on my way to getting over this sickness.


  1. Now, if we can only kick that nagging cough...



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