The Week in Review

Sunday, January 27th
It's always nice to come across unexpected memories in your freezer.

Monday, January 28th
I hide stuffed animals in the hall closet to sporadically pull out & make my dog's day.
(Taken with my Polaroid Z2300)
Tuesday, January 29th
Took a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
The cuttlefish are my favorite.

Wednesday, January 30th
The spoiled dog got another toy pulled out of the closet.

Thursday, January 31st
I added some flowers to the back of my door. They're meant to put in your hair, but I'm not sure about what I'd wear them with so, for now, they're just room decorations. I haven't decided what to put in the hanger yet, even though it's been hanging on the back of my door for several months. I'm afraid of ruining the lace. I might just leave it this way.

Friday, February 1st
I planned another outfit this Friday. I wore these with my nerdy glasses.

Miss Winnie got a bath
Saturday, February 2nd
Winnie got a bath.


  1. That snow ball reminds me I need to clean out the freezer. The cuddle fish photo is really great. I love your new shirt with that necklace. And, of course, Winnie.



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