My Week in Review

Sunday, Feb. 17th
My Swamp Tea is orange juice because I don't actually drink tea...

My new favorite jewelry set
Monday, Feb. 18th
My new set of jewelry from Avon make me feel like I'm wearing the Crown Jewels. I have no idea why-I just love them that much!

Tuesday, Feb 19th
I love a good sky photo.

Icy Windshield this morning
Wednesday, Feb 20th
The car was frozen over when I got ready for work. This photo is haunting to me--it reminds me of the windshield after the car accident.

Chicken Soup
Thursday, Feb 21st
I went to Costco earlier this week because my parents were sick. My mom made the first batch (and by "made" we make more noodles & such & "expand" the soup from Costco so it lasts longer) and after that was gone in one day, I did it so I could learn. Little did I know that I wouldn't be eating this batch simply because I like the soup, but because it was the only thing I would feel like eating over the next couple of days.

Friday, Feb 22nd
I finally consented to this ball of fur getting a hair cut.
Also, I took 1/2 a day off work to come home and crawl into bed with my aching body.
As the day progressed, my flu symptoms got worse and I had a full-blown sore throat by 3pm.

Saturday, Feb 23rd
I've caught the bug that's going around. It takes a lot of energy to read, even. (I'm writing this post after about a 5 hour nap, and because I haven't failed at taking a photo every day...yet.)


  1. I'm so glad we're all over the worst of that dern flu bug!



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