My Week in Review

 Feb 10, Sunday
I made a couple more origami stars for a friend's sons for Valentine's Day.
I popped them in the mail on Monday so they were a bit late, but they didn't mind.

Feb 11, Monday
This is the only photo I took all day, right before my dad and sister went out of town to meet a friend for a (very) late dinner.

Feb 12, Tuesday
Val and I did some running around in the next town over. I love the salty smell of the air there.

Earrings I made
Feb 13, Wednesday
I made a pair of earrings for one of my coworker's birthdays this week.
Pink is her favorite color so it's appropriate she was born on Valentine's Day.

Winnie & I
Feb 14, Thursday
I had a quiet evening with Winifred for Valentine's Day, enjoyed The Big Bang Theory, an episode of I Dream of Jeannie, and snuggled into bed. I realize this is not a flattering picture, but... So far I'm doing well with taking a photo every day, and this is the only one I took.

Winnie's car ride
Feb 15, Friday
Winifred enjoyed a car ride to the pet store with me to pick up some more dog food.
I only had the window cracked, but Winnie was acting like she was in a convertible with her hair blowing in the window when I turned on the air conditioner.

Feb 16, Saturday
I finished a horror YA book I accidentally purchased and had the sudden urge to get some air and stand in the sunshine this morning.


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