My Week In Review

Sunday, Feb. 3
I feel unsettled to leave a book unfinished, even if I am not enjoying it. (There are only two books I purposely stopped reading without intending to ever pick them up again to finish them!) I made a pile of the three current ones I need to motivate myself to finish.

Monday, Feb. 4
My sister and I went out of town to see Josh Groban's All That Echoes movie event.
I might have been sidetracked by a display for The Host.

Tuesday, Feb. 5
I finished book #6 of the year, Ember's Kiss by Deborah Cooke
I started it last October.

Wednesday, Feb. 6
I finished Book #7 of the year!

Thursday, Feb. 7
I was excited to pick up an iTunes gift card for myself this week at Target. In January I did KLOVE's 30 Day Challenge and listened to only Christian music for the month (I realize there were 31 days, but I did it for the entire month just the same). During the course of the month, I kept a list of new songs I discovered, as well as a couple of new favorites that emerged that had been out a while. I made a mix CD and shared it with a few people I thought would enjoy discovering the new songs, too.

Friday, Feb. 8
It was a good cloud day.

Saturday, Feb. 9
I've spent the last couple of days multitasking on two different computers.
I've been working on my laptop and downloading music onto my external harddrive on my desktop.
I'd like to get all my music downloaded by the end of the year. (No, I don't have so much that it's going to take that long, it's just going to take me that long to sit down and actually do it!)


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