Happy Valentine's Day!

Did anyone make or receive any Valentine's this year?
I received two: one from my sister and one from my mother, both of which I love for their thoughtfulness.

My sister picked a card out with a hippo on it and slipped in an iTunes card.
My most special stuffed animal is a pink hippo from when I was a child.
The iTunes card is because that's how I buy my music from iTunes--I had some fraud when my credit card was on file, so any time I need music I have to get an iTunes card. I've had fun recently making CD mixes (I have several in the works with no end in sight! Hopefully sooner rather than later.) I've also been joining a CD mix swap one of my friends set up so that's been a lot of fun.

Isn't it cute?

My sister is so good for my ego.

My mom made me a beautiful card!

Inside, she tucked a wonderful typewriter bookmark she made.



  1. I'm glad you thought the card was beautiful even though I over-did it. ;-)



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