Delerium by Lauren Oliver

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Lena lives in the closed-border country of the United States where a treatment has been developed for a disease called amor deleria nervosa--love. Lena is terrified of the disease, what it can do, and what it did to her mother. She's 95 days away from her procedure and looking forward to the safe, mediocre life the cure brings. And then she meets Alex.

Lena's world is turned upside down--she's challenged by him. The beliefs she's held for almost eighteen years are in question and the cure she once thought of at safe is starting to reveal itself. Little by little, Lena exposes the effects of the cure and the haze it creates in the individuals who have the procedure--what parts of their life are missing, what parts of themselves are missing. 

The concept of not only being cured of the ability to love, but having the emotion itself banned by the government, may sound ludicrous, but in a world that panics over flu epidemics, the plausibility of the story is not so far-fetched. Lena begins to form her own opinions about the government and the disease for herself instead of blinding buying into the propaganda she's heard her whole life.

What I liked about her making these discoveries is that it is gradual throughout the book. She fights to keep the "innocence" she was raised with and the cure will give her, the blind trust in the government, and the fear of contracting amor deleria nervosa, despite the information she learns. You are with her, step by step, as she learns new information, panics, fights against it, then learns something else that spins her world. Lena has to process what she learns through out the book, she doesn't blindly believe what she's told--especially since she has grown up to believe only the government--and I really liked that about her. Her anxiety and her reactions felt real.

Lauren Oliver has beautiful writing and a specific way of describing things that comes out in this novel. I enjoyed Before I Fall for the same reason, and I recommend you read that book, as well as Delirium.

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