The Elephant & Miss Winifred

Miss Winifred Rose!

This week Miss Winifred went on a rare car ride to the bank. As a reward, I popped into Walgreens (the closest store) for a dog treat, but alas! I could not find the small dog section. Instead, I came across left over Christmas items for 50% off. I regularly buy Winnie secondhand stuffed toys to tear apart (her favorite thing to do is pull out the stuffing so it would be an expensive habit for her to tear apart $8 toys from Petsmart!) and I came across a Christmas Elephant. Winnie instantly fell for it! She is always a ball of excitement when she leaves the house and will take treats, but will drop them because she's too excited to eat them. I wish I had a photo of her carrying her new toy from the car into the house when we got home!

Winnie & her Christmas Elephant

Winnie & her Christmas Elephant


  1. So much fun until Grandma cut its eyes out...bwaahahahaha! Wow, that was scary even for me. I was worried about her licking those plastic eyes like she kept doing (it can't be good for her) and then I thought she'd choke on them if she got them out. Just doing mah job as a grandma.

    1. Even with the eyes out, I'm surprised that she's still taking good care of it!



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