My Week in Review

Sunday, January 20: I put random stickers on a card I mailed.
The butterfly is covering a "Yes!" on the horse sticker because it was meant for one of those mass mailing things.

Monday, January 21: I scanned all the family photos in a little album I came across recently labeled "Dawn 89."

Tuesday, January 22: Winnie brought me a Winnie the Pooh toy. 

Wednesday, January 23: I have a new Washi tape drawer set up to make them more accessible, and picked up a Tim Holtz tape dispenser (on clearance) to see if it will work for me.

Thursday, January 24: I planned my outfit for the next day, even painting my nails to match.

Friday, January 25: Sometimes, cute pictures just happen!

Saturday, January 26: A lot of extra time was spent in bed today after a restless night that included a nightmare.


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