My Week in Review

January 6th: Winnie and her furry rear burrowed in my blankets and required the sheets and pillow cases all to be changed.

New Sheets
January 7th: Since Winnie enjoys sleeping on my pillows, I used a little blanket and made her a bed on an extra pillow. She decided she wanted to sleep on mine.
Winnie gets her nails cut
January 8th:Winnie got her nails clipped. Here, she's making sure her feet weren't cut off, too.

Partials by Dan Wells
January 9th: I painted my nails to match the book I read, Partials by Dan Wells
Clouds Thursday
January 10th: A good cloud day!

My favorite pillows...
January 11th: Sometimes you just need to crawl into your cave and stay there for a while.

Isolation by Dan Wells
Janaury 12th: Read Isolation by Dan Wells (A short Partials story)



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