Doctor Who?

My sister is a huge Whovian (or fan of the show Doctor Who). I wanted to find something Doctor Who related for her for Christmas but wanted to make the gifts something she would use, instead of buying her another dust collector.

The first item I made was a necklace--and it literally took months! It's been so long since I've been aware of the tutorial that I can't tell you where I first saw it being reblogged, but Livejouranl user oboe_wan made a post in crafty_tardis of the 9th & 10th Doctor's sonic screwdrivers. I spotted it well before mine and my sister's August birthday but was unable to gather the correct beads. I spent hours searching for the exact beads, in stores and online, to no avail. I ended up making my own version and, being a non-Whovian (thus far), I hope that I did it some credit. I purchased the Police Box charm on Etsy already colored blue and put the two together for the first of two Doctor Who related gifts.

The second was a pair of Tardis earrings I spotted on Etsy by user kobsdesigns. I adjusted the design slightly by using two beads instead of one so the Tardis was elongated and a bit more accurate (police boxes are not, after all, short and fat). They were not as simple as expected--painting the "windows" so tiny took a rather steady hand!--but a splash of Triple Thick (glaze by DecoArt) has hopefully sealed in my handiwork.

Tardis/Sonic Screwdriver Necklace

Tardis/Sonic Screwdriver Necklace

Doctor Who Earrings

Doctor Who Earrings


  1. You did a fabulous job on the set!

    1. Thank you! I'm still unsure about the sonic screwdriver, but at least people get the idea. :)



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