Craft Fail: Sequins Ornament

Craft Fail: Sequins Ornament

This isn't so much of a craft fail as a craft quit, if that makes sense. I kept seeing all these amazing vintage sequins fruits on Etsy and Flickr. Since I wasn't coming across already done fruit while thrift shopping, I decided I would search for a kit and make some myself. Thankfully, I never bought any.

This Christmas I thought I'd create a new ornament for my tree done in the same vein as the sequins fruit, but with supplies I had on hand. I did not get that far in the process. I did not get that far at all. It was boring.

The only reason I hung on to the sphere was to take a photo to share my attempt with you all. After I took them, I threw it in the trash. I tried something new and decided it was something I definitely am not interested in doing. I will take my chances and hope one day I discover some already done while thrift shopping!




  1. At least you know what you don't like, that's definitely progress.



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