Bracelets for Christmas Gifts

I handmade a few little things for Christmas this year. One of the the gifts I made were stacks of bracelets for my mom and sister

The bracelets I made for my mom were all the same color theme. I used a vintage blue ribbon to weave in and out of the pearls, the rhinestones & the bracelets themselves. My mom had commented she liked the feel of the ribbon so I was comfortable making all of hers out of the same materials--they just felt right together, especially with that gorgeous ribbon!

Bracelets for Christmas GiftsI had a lot of fun making a variety of bracelets for my sister. I made several bracelets using the weaving method between two bangles--one with yarn, two with ribbon, and one with faux leather lacing. It's interesting how the different materials took to the technique. I also made a couple of pearl bracelets with velvet ribbon and rhinestone bracelets with hemp cord. My sister's aren't a set so much as a variety to go with different outfits, whatever she so chooses. It's important to note I told both they weren't required to keep any of them! It was a last minute craft I got sucked into and enjoyed making them so much I just kept going. And still have not stopped because I have worked on more since Christmas--I will share those in a later post!

Bracelets for Christmas Gifts
The set of bracelets I made for my sister included several different textures.

Bracelets for Christmas Gifts
One of my favorites of my sister's is the purple ribbon bracelet with the bow.

Bracelets for Christmas Gifts
There was even room on one of them to add a pretty acrylic button that matched with the rhinestone theme to one of them (my mother collects buttons). I thought it came out very pretty! The acrylic button is practical, too, because bracelets clink together, in addition to anything on your wrist having a tendency to bump into desks or walls. I just might make another one.


  1. They're so pretty! Thank you for my set, I love them!

    1. You're welcome! I'm so glad you like your set. :)



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