Be Grateful

I'm on Pinterest a lot these days and sometimes I even make what I see! One idea going around Pinterest in December was the idea of making a Grateful Jar. Every time something good happens throughout the year, write it down on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. Come the end of the year, it will (hopefully!) be full of wonderful things you can sit around and read, reminiscing about the good moments.

Our Grateful Jar is made with a cardboard container that held chocolate sticks. The butterfly handle on top works out really well as well. I purchased it at Micheal's last year--I poked a hole in the top of the lid & screwed it on. It's not always a good idea to grab the handle and yank when the lid is meant to seal the jar securely. In this case, because the body of the container is cardboard, the metal lid fits loosely and slides right off without any friction. We'll be able to pull the lid off the jar by the handle without damaging the lid or the container--which is awesome because the container is decorated so beautifully!

I passed the Grateful Jar off to my mom, who worked her magic and decorated the container itself with paper and washi tape. It is a beautiful addition to our living room for the year of 2013!

Grateful Jar

Grateful Jar

Grateful Jar

Grateful Jar


  1. This reminded me to add another note to it because today was a happy day!

    1. I like happy days! I've added a couple of notes, too. :)



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