Simple Pen Personalization

While flipping through some old videos, I found a tutorial I made last year. Pens get passed around pretty often at my place of work, but I can be particular about what kind I like.


These R.S.V.P. pens are on the cheaper end of the spectrum (I normally get mine in a pack of two at the Dollar Tree) and offer a quick, easy way to customize them to mark them as "yours." A year later, these pens are still on my desk!


I have to admit, a year later, I still have a little "template" I cut out tucked in the back of my Dayplanner from last year. It's easy to find, easy to access, and I can quickly cut as many as I want without having to measure the paper again!

Do you want to take a walk down memory lane with me? (The video reveals the measurements you'll need!)


  1. I have one of your pens by my bed and one on my craft table; I use them all the time.

  2. Thanks for sharing the link! This is such a fantastic way to dress up some plain old pens! :)



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