Welcome Home!

After much debate, I decided to start fresh. I want to make my blog a place to bring together everything I love: Reading, crafting, taking pictures (dare I even call it photography, though I do not call myself a photographer!) and anything else that brings me joy.

I've spent a lot of time researching how I want to present my blog to the world, especially what to include. I brainstormed several blogs, individual ones for crafting and reading, but kept coming back to the same place: I didn't want to leave here. I didn't want to spread out my love of reading and crafting and anything else that catches my fancy over several blogs. I was afraid I'd be spreading myself too thin, but really, why not have everything I love in one place?

So here it is! Much like a house, many of my rooms have a different theme or purpose. They can be found by checking the links above. Don't fret too much if they don't work immediately...the subjects will start to fill out as I continue this journey. Some may disappear, others created, but for now, it is a good starting point and the categories give me a direction to go with this blog.

For now, let me just welcome you back. Welcome home.



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