Merry Christmas via the Postal Service

Wednesday night I gathered a few last minute things to pop in the mail. I am sending a friend's sons their own Christmas cards with stickers inside, as well as a birthday card for one of them (his birthday is just a few days before Christmas). I thought I'd pop a card in the mail for my dad, too, to let him know I am thinking of him. Last, but not least, is the CUTEST card I found for my friend who has several dachshunds. I had my dogs "sign" the cards. I'm not even putting any names down because it is hilariously easy to tell whose paw print belongs to who. My sister's dog, Clover, has a delicate, clear print, while my dog's paw print is so furry I had to trim it after a test run and it still came out sloppy!

Even though they run a chance of being late, I enjoy sending mail so much that I did it anyway. A couple of years ago I made it a New Year's Resolution to send a certain amount of mail each week/month. I failed to keep that habit up this year and was terrible at sending anything! Besides a couple of birthday cards, my biggest accomplishment mail wise were the Christmas postcards I had made and sent out. I think I'll be adding that to my Resolutions again next year.





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