Happy Near Year 2013!

Goodbye Christmas, hello New Year's Eve. Every year I make New Years Resolutions. I don't always stick with them, but they do provide me with a certain amount of encouragement throughout the year. I guess you can say some are more like goals--like the 50 Book Challenge. Here are my Resolutions for 2013:
  • Read 50 Books (I enjoy these book challenges!)
  • Mail one piece of mail per week (a letter, a card, a package, etc.)
  • End the year weighing less than I began the year (I failed this year, I have a gym membership this time around and intend on succeeding!)
  • Post on my blog at least twice a week (is that too much?)
  • Start my own version of "Project Life" (I want to scrapbook moments that wouldn't necessarily get an entire scrapbook page)
  • Create more (writing, crafting, etc)
  • Start selling on Etsy again
  • Watch 50 movies (I have a bad habit of picking up movies at the store and not watching them!)
  • Use the Grateful Jar (I'm not sure what our family is going to officially name the jar, but it's something I saw going around Pinterest--you make a jar and every time something happy occurs, you write it on a slip of paper and add it to the jar. Come New Years Eve, you revisit the memories made throughout the year and read them)
What New Years Resolutions/Goals are you making?


  1. All of your goals are obtainable and I've no doubt you'll see them through. Posting twice a week can seem like a lot to me, even once a week at times, but then there are weeks where I'll post a few times. So, no, twice a week isn't too much.

    Yes, let's get to selling on Etsy!

    The grateful jar is complete and ready for our joy.

    1. One of the things that helps with posting twice a week on the blog is I can schedule things ahead of time, so there are a lot of craft/book posts I can plan, so I think that will help me reach the goal.



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