A Christmas Party

I attended my sister's work's Christmas party last weekend and had such a wonderful time! My company gave up throwing Christmas parties a few years ago, so it was a treat to dress up and get down (yes, I danced! Terribly, but I did it anyway!). One of the fun things at this particular Christmas party is entering a table decorating contest. My sister did not attend last year but designed the table for her coworkers who did go and won first place (with a non-Christmas setting). This year, the crowd was bigger and more people decorated their tables. Our table went with the theme "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" and those of us that sat at the table even wore vintage rhinestone jewelry. The employees at the hotel voted for the top 3 tables and, unfortunately, we didn't place. I still had a great time and though our table came out fantastic! Dinner was delicious and the company was even better.

I should have taken a shot of my full plate. It was awesome. I had several of my favorites: squash, salmon, Ceasar salad and stuffing!

Dessert was the delicious green cookie shaped like a wreath and a small Raspberry cheesecake.


  1. The table is so pretty and your dresses simply darling!



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